Thursday, 30 December 2010

Shreya Pandey

She is the lead Guitarist of the band .......!!! Besides she also assists in synth. !...... She had a great command over her instruments and she is till now a Second Grader in Theory of Music From ABRSM .......! She also assists in the vocals and is of great importance to the band .......! All over she is a nice person ....with great skills and talent 

Rishabh Prakash

He is another guy who plays guitar for the band managing the rhythm section..... he has a great command over his instrument ..........!!!!!!! Moreover attitude is his religion he dosen't let go a single opportunity to play his guitars and hadve a blast .......! Above all he his a fantastic guy with grat skills !

Thursday, 9 September 2010

                                                    DARAKHT -The Band

The Band was formed in 2006 by the two most talented people Amogh and Akshay when they met together in a Band Competition held at Allahabad. This Band is ' Allahabad Based ' and all of it's member are from Allahabad. This Band has gone through various pros and cons  but has never failed to succeed. The Band comprises of Amogh Srivastav as the Lead guitarist and on other percussions, Akshay Mathur as the lead Vocalist , Bilal Ahmad on the Synthesizer and Shreya pandey on the Rhythm guitar and last but not the least Rishabh Prakash on the rhythm guitar as well . These guys are extremely talented and when they meet together they do a 'BLAST'.
The members of this band has amazing composing knowledge. The songs composed by them touches the heart and the melody has a pleasing effect to the hearer. The types of song which they compose , i.e their Genre is generally Indian music based such as Indo-Western Fusion ,rock, Sufi Songs and a little bit of Blues ( for English songs ). At present they have composed several songs like Sapno se , Awaaz do mujhe , Aaya Sawan , etc . Their videos along with their lyrics will be soon uploaded . The Band is accompanied by Wayne D'souza who's on percussions and rhythm guitar as well ......!!

Amogh Srivastav

Amogh Srivastav has been playing for last four years for this Band. He is the Lead Guitarist of the Band. He has excellent command over other instruments such as Bass guitar, Percussions and Synthesizer. Besides that , he is classically trained and is also the Backing Vocalist of The Band. He has composed several songs which will be soon uploaded . He has composed the Theme Song for his college and is now working on an Indo -Western Fusion to perform in a Cultural Fest . He has got an amazing personality and will surely emerge as a star in future .....!!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Akshay Mathur

Akshay Mathur , He is the Lead Vocalist of the Band and has got an amazing voice . He is a guy who's talent is hidden , but the moment he is on stage , he seems to be a Rock star. He also plays Rhythm guitar for the Band and has been working on songs with his band mates....!!!

Bilal Ahmad

Bilal Ahmad , He is on Keyboard and as well as on Backing Vocals. This guy is amazing and the magic that he does with his fingers is a fabulous one. He has been working with the Band for the last four years and is one of the gems of the Band. He has excellent command over Sufi Songs and will definitely emerge as a star some day .....!!!